Atlanta Team Building at Lake Lanier Islands

Ready for dynamic corporate team building activities that produce results?

Why settle for the same old team building program……
when you can send your staff on
a Team Building ADVENTURE!

Bring your corporate team to beautiful Lake Lanier Islands Resort for an exciting, challenging and fun team building activity which can be staged on Lake Lanier, on land or both.

For over 12 years, Lord Nelson Charters has provided dynamic programs for many Fortune 500 firms as well as companies small and large. Our unique adventures are designed to get executives and employees communicating better, working together, and learning how to discover new strategies that achieve goals. Your corporate team will build stronger relationships that last and produce results.

  • Our land-based team building activities and meetings are provided from an on-site location on Lake Lanier Islands Resort at the Legacy Lodge and Conference Center. Conference facilities and lodging are available.
  • Our team building activities on Lake Lanier involve yachts, sailboats, or pontoon boats sailing from our docks at Harbor Landing as well as utilizing the expansive grounds of the resort.
  • Learning how to work together as a crew on a boat is a great team building experience with an added benefit of learning skills that you can enjoy for the rest of your leisure life.
  • We have team building activities for people of all abilities and ages. Our programs are especially designed to offer all team members a valuable role on the team, regardless of physical abilities.
  • Combine your team building adventure with a picnic and pavilion option for a full day of camaraderie and away from the office productivity.
  • Located just a short 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

on Lake Lanier Islands near Atlanta

See Our 7 Team Building Adventures!

Team Building Tailored To Your Corporate Group

We can design your team building programs to meet your needs with a one-of-a-kind event just for your organization. Myers Briggs or HBDI assessment tools and facilitators are also available.

Below are some of our most popular team building activities we provide. Click on any to learn more.

Fun Run Pontoon Boat Challenge

Our Fun Run Pontoon Adventure team building activity features a “road rally” on the water with participants locating destinations and gathering information to earn valuable points and prizes.

Atlanta Team N’ Ship Team Building Activity

Team N’ Ship Sailing is a “Learn to Sail” team building activity featuring exciting regattas aboard sailing yachts. Team members must learn to work together in order to operate the ship.

Team 'n Ship Team Building

Islands Treasure Hunt

Our Islands Treasure Hunt team building activity is a pontoon boat adventure where teams of pirates explore deserted islands and secluded beaches in search of treasure. Strategy and problem solving are needed to win.

Treasure Hunt Team Building

The Lanier Challenge Excursion Adventure

The Lanier Challenge is our newest offering in nautical team building adventures and is a great way to combine a unique team activity with a relaxing lake cruise aboard the Island Princess or Island Queen. Teams learn navigation skills and how to use new tools as they organize a strategy and solve problems while discovering interesting facts about Lake Lanier and their own company.

All American Scavenger Hunt

A land-based team building activity, The All American Scavenger Hunt, is a smorgasbord of popular and lively team building exercises involving exploration and discovery.

The Ultimate Quest

The Ultimate Quest gives large groups an opportunity to experience the best of both land and water events in one action packed team building exercise requiring teams to collaborate on objectives, complete missions and accumulate points for awards.